Topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Design methodology
  • Need of Integration and interdisciplinarity
  • Philosophy & Aesthetics
  • Form finding/Parametric Design, Optimization
  • Influence from other sciences (e.g. biology, neuroscience)


  1. Interdisciplinary challenges in engineering design
  • Structure (Heritage structures, Civil/structural, new materials)
  • Systems (Indoor climate/energy, District and urban scale, Resilience, Energy Harvesting)
  • Surveying (Drones, metrology, photogrammetry)
  • Life Cycle Assessment in engineering design
  • Environmental Engineering (Flood risk and climate change design challenges)
  • Construction Management and Building Information Modelling


  1. Education in engineering design
  • Computer aided design (numerical models for analysis)
  • Balance between general and specific competence
  • Education to integrated design
  • On line vs offline teaching
  • Modern technologies for teaching