> Thursday November, 9 – 2017


Experiences of teaching laboratories for civil engineering students on archaeological consolidation in Arabic Peninsula Sassu Download
A BIM-based approach to façade optimization: geometrical, economic, and production control in a DfMA perspective Seghezzi Download
An on-site teaching laboratory in a village damaged by the 2009 Abruzzo earthquake Giresini Download
How Individual Scenery Perception Correlates to Memory of Formative Play Experience?  An Experiment Based Hypothesis Pei Download
Multidisciplinary workshop on building design Desogus Download
An integrated approach for heritage restoration: the case of San Giovanni Church in Cagliari Fiorino Download
A didactical laboratory of structural engineering for bachelor civil engineering students in Cagliari Deligia Download
Innovative education: information asimmetry applied to building engineering and architecture curricula Seghezzi Download
Evidences of failure of reduced span bridges in case of extreme rainfalls.
The case of Leghorn
Puppio Download
Is tornado risk adequately perceived in Italy? Zanini Download
Construction Stage Analysis for a New Mixed Structure Building in Milan Zucca Download
From plastic waste to building materials: mechanical properties of PLEC Valdes Download



> Fryday November, 10 – 2017


Bridges with hinged spans after a centenary experience Malerba Download
Building irregularity issues and architectural design in seismic areas Alecci Download
Interdisciplinary challenges in design of windblown sand barriers around desert railways Raffaele Download
Collapse propagation in bridge structures. A semi-analytical model Brun Download
Progressive collapse of flexural systems Nieves Download
The seismic risk map for Italy Zanini Download
Axiomatic Design and the Specification of Surface Topographies Brown Download
Nonlinear analysis of RC box culverts resting on a linear elastic soil Minghini Download
Dynamic behavior of a historical tower subjected to bells’ forced vibrations Foti Download
HYGLASS: design proposal for an integrated multifunctional hybrid glass-steel structure Laccone Download
Infrared Thermography for the Characterization of Painted Vaults of Historic Masonry Buildings Casapulla Download
Knowledge acquisition of existing buildings by means of diagnostic surveying. Case studies Concu Download
On combination of numerical models and experimental procedures in engineering Meloni Download
What is essential? Bontempi Download